Midnight Metaphors: Creative Writers Club

Midnight Metaphors: Creative Writers Club


Field of Interest (FOI) - Culture and Society

Midnight Metaphors is the student-run creative writing club at Glendale Community College. It is open to all GCC students interested in writing. What do we do, and what can you do as a part of the club?

You can:

  • Share your work with other writers
  • Get feedback on your writing and ideas
  • Discover new material and styles and hang for a while with other writers
  • Appreciate great writers and writing and investigate lots of diverse writing techniques

We also talk about publications and contests, have guest speakers, eat food, offer encouragement, engage in readings, go on the occasional field trips, laugh, celebrate, and generally have a good time. You can also be part of the poetry and fiction slam.

For those currently in the club and looking for a way to share your creative work with your fellow members, consider using the newly-created Midnight Metaphor forums.

Please contact the advisor to express interest and acquire meeting information and link to join.


GCC North Advisor

Laura White

Office: O5-138

(623) 845-3641


Jeff Baker