Associated Student Government

Associated Student Government



Serves the intellectual, moral, physical, and social interests of the student body; attempts to unify students, student clubs and campus personnel; promotes the rights of students; organizes social events, scholarships, and other programs.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Associated Student Government is to serve as the representative voice of Glendale Community College students and to create a place to participate responsibly in a culturally diverse, technological, and global society. 

Vision Statement

The Glendale Community College Associated Student Government will provide a community college life that meets the social, intellectual and diverse needs of the student body. 

Strategic Goals

In order to fulfill the ASG vision and mission statement as an organization, our Strategic Goals are to:

  • Effectively plan, organize and execute ASG events
  • Investigate and address major student issues and concerns
  • Recruit and Maintain a full ASG board
  • Responsibly represent students on key Glendale Community College Faculty committees
  • Collaborate effectively with Glendale Community College Students, Faculty, Staff and Administration
  • Enhance the Associated Student Government's leadership, communication and decision-making processes

General Membership Information

The ASG Board is made up of 12 seats total including the executive board and two seats for Glendale Community College North Students. Those candidates for board members who have met minimum qualifications, and have completed and submitted an approved application to the Leadership Center may then attend two consecutive Open Business Meetings. There, his/her membership will be put to a vote after the group at large has heard a presentation by the candidate as to the merits of his/her qualifications.

Meetings are held on the first, third, and fifth (if there is one) Tuesday of the month beginning at 1:30 p.m. in the Student Union Building, 104D and virtually.

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Officers & Board Members

ASG Officers

President, Briza Q.

Vice President, Angel Z.


Secretary, Christopher Z

Board Members

Matthew L.

Connie Greenwell