Behavioral & Mental Health Club: Academic Minds for Social Healing

Behavioral & Mental Health Club: Academic Minds for Social Healing


Field of Interest (FOI) - Behavioral Health and Human Services


The club is dedicated to promoting the understanding of behavioral health issues including but not limited to mental illness, treatment, social services, and careers in the field of mental health and social services through engagement in student life, community service, and leadership development.


The club's mission is to promote professional development through the promotion of mental health awareness, community services - both volunteering and employment, hosting and sponsoring training in industry mental health certifications, building leadership skills, networking and developing workforce relationships in the field, and recognition of excellence in scholarship awards.


Getting involved in Mental Health events, attending college events such as Club Fair, engaging members with other clubs on campus, building relationships with mental health agencies for future career opportunities, going on field trips to enrich members on resources and opportunities within the community, participating in volunteer work that enriches our school and community, and attending lectures with guest speakers who are experts in the field.

Club Meetings

Join us via Zoom on the following Fridays at noon:

  • contact the club advisor for dates

We hope to see a lot of new and old faces!

Dr. William D. Beverly, PhD LMFT