About Honors at GCC

About Honors at GCC

The GCC Honors Program provides intellectually stimulating opportunities to high-achieving students. We offer a wide range of classes across academic disciplines that challenge students intellectually while providing specialized curriculum and learning experiences. Our co-curricular experience introduces honors scholars to exciting events and activities that take place outside the classroom. These experiences facilitate academic, social, and intellectual growth for our honors students.

For more information about our diverse opportunities to become an honors scholar at GCC, please visit Apply to Become an Honors Scholar.

Honors Program Goals

In realizing our vision and mission, the GCC Honors Program strives to:

  • Foster a climate of excellence in the college and surrounding community
  • Raise awareness of critical local, national, and global issues
  • Promote a sense of scholarship and community
  • Encourage students to excel in their academic endeavors
  • Recognize the talent and motivation of our outstanding community college students
  • Serve as a resource for innovation and testing new methodologies and services