I Wish I Knew

I Wish I Knew

GCC graduates offer advice and tips to incoming students:

I wish I knew

Get cash from an ATM (automated teller machine) located on East side of the main campus between the PAC Center and the Music 2 building. Look for the "$" on the East side of the Main Campus Map where the road widens.

GCC has approximately 50 Student Clubs that meet throughout the year.

Here is a testimonial from one student:

“Joining the Forensics (Speech & Debate Team) team increased my confidence, helped me make new friends, and gave me the chance to travel outside the U.S.”

GCC has a food pantry to help students. Please see the Food Pantry page for more information.

“Because I work on campus while being enrolled in classes, I have a flexible work schedule, I earn valuable career-related experience and I’m not overloading with more than I can handle.”

Visit Career and Counseling Services to learn about jobs in various college departments.

Start at Tutoring Across the College for all the tutoring that is available.

“The hours of free tutoring I received helped me pass my math class.”

“I sat down, one on one, with my advisor at the start of each semester. She helped me create a class schedule that met my transfer goals."  

Check out Academic Advisement for all the details.

“Textbooks are expensive; renting them saved me a ton of money!”

Buy new or used books, or rent books at the GCC Bookstore. (But don’t miss the book rental return deadline or you’ll pay a fee). The GCC Library has a number of textbooks at the Reserves/Circulation Desk that can be checked out for use within the library. If you like digital books, see Brytewave. Some books purchased at the GCC Bookstore can be sold back at the end of the semester for up to 50% of the purchase price.  You might choose to skip the lines and buy your books online, which offers free shipping to either campus store.

Check out Campus Dining for more details!