Returning Student Reenrollment

Enrollment Steps

Use our Enrollment Steps Guide (English version | Spanish version) to track your progress. This guide can help remember where you left off in the enrollment steps.

There are four steps to Maricopa Community Colleges' enrollment process:

  1. Get Admitted
  2. Complete Tasks in Student Center
  3. Register for Classes
  4. Make Payment Arrangements

(Click on the + or the title to open each step below)

Enrollment Steps

The first step is to ensure you can access your student account. Please note that when you don’t take classes for several semesters, your account is deactivated.

Find Your MEID

Reactivate Your MEID

Hint 1: If you are unable to find or reactivate your MEID, your social security number is probably not in your account. Contact Admissions and Records for assistance.

Reset Your Password

Hint 2: If you try to reset your password, but the system says you don’t exist, you need to reactivate your MEID.

Student Tools

Did you need to reactivate your MEID?

If you need to reactivate your MEID, you will also need to submit a returning student application. Visit You will log in with your MEID and the password you just created. Sometimes, there is a 30-minute delay between when you reactivate your account and when you’re able to access the online application. If you don’t want to wait, you can submit a paper application to Admissions and Records.

Hint 3: If you are unable to choose a program, you probably already have an active program on file. Contact Admissions and Records for assistance.

After you successfully get admitted, you may have additional tasks to complete. To view your tasks, log in to your Student Center. You will receive a Duo push notification to access your Student Center.

Meet with an Advisor

Meet with an advisor to see what you’ve completed and to pick up where you left off. This will also be your opportunity to discuss if you want to pursue a different program at GCC.

You can request an appointment one of the following ways:

Once you know the classes you need to take, you will need to build your schedule for the upcoming semester. Use Find a Class to search for class sections. Then, follow these instructions to enroll in your Student Center.

  • Click "Manage Classes,"
  • Select Glendale Community College and the appropriate semester,
  • Search the Course Number or 5-digit Class Number,
  • Click "Enroll." You can also add to your Shopping Cart if you’re not ready to enroll just yet,
  • Go back to “Manage Classes” to view your class schedule,
  • Review the class information. Note the drop and withdrawal deadlines.

Hint 4: If you can’t add the class but you have the prerequisites, contact Admissions and Records and provide them with the 5-digit class number, they can add it for you. If you email us, use your email. Otherwise we may not be able to complete your request.

After you have registered for classes, secure your spot by making a plan to pay your tuition by the semester's due date. There are multiple ways to pay for college.

If you require financial aid, visit the Financial Aid webpage or stop by the Enrollment Center for assistance.

Additionally, follow the steps below to review your account statement to verify your tuition rate.

  • Go back to the homepage. Click "Financial Account,"
  • Review your Student Account Statement to review your tuition rate. Contact Admissions and Records if you have questions or if a correction is needed.

Duo two-factor Authentication

Once you are admitted, you will need to set up Duo two-factor authentication to access Maricopa student systems. Two-factor authentication is a required security measure to protect your account and needs to be established by you (the student) using your email address and phone number. Go to: to learn how to get started and for more information on Duo security requirements.

Questions? Need Assistance?

We are here to help you. There are multiple ways to reach us.