Biotechnology Club

Biotechnology Club


Welcome to the Biotechnology Club of 2022's page!

YOU are invited to join our club and attend our inspiring meetings on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 1 p.m.

Some club meetings are in-person in the LS building, room 323, and others are online via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 965 0766 7868

Passcode: Biotech

To officially join our club, please fill out this Google form.

We take students beyond the average college experience by participating in activities such as Independent Research, club tours of state-of-the-art Biotech facilities, Act in Science Fairs, take in weekly presentations of current works in the field, plus so much more!!

The Biotechnology Club is open to all GCC students interested in science careers or current biotechnology issues. Visit our student Biotech Club website for updates. Download the GCC Biotechnology Club Constitution.

Club Officers

(New officers will be selected during Fall 2022)

  • President: Brianna B.
  • Vice-president: Jessica R. & Haley Y.
  • Treasurer: Anahi M.
  • Secretary: Madison B.
  • Associate Student Government Representative: Alyssa B.
  • Public Relationship Officer: Shaina H.

Events and Activities

Our objective is to connect GCC students interested in biotechnology with professionals working in the biotech industry.

Online Activities

Different guest speakers present an array of exciting biotechnology & medicine-related topics identified by the club members or advisors. Other topics of presentations include preparing effective CV/resumes, job interviews, internships and fellowships opportunities, and career paths in biotechnology.

In-person Activities

Club members enjoy an exciting array of club-sponsored field trips and special events. Past field trips and events include:

  • Barrow Neurological Institute for Brain Cancer
  • The Knowledge Bowl
  • ASU Bio Design Facilities
  • Annual DNA Day
  • Arizona Myeloma Network Tissue Donation Awareness
  • Project (TDAP) Workshop
  • City of Phoenix Police Department DNA Crime Lab
  • Mayo Clinic/TGen TD2 Collaborative Research Labs
  • ASU DNA Sequencing Lab
  • Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)
  • Genzyme Phoenix- Diagnostic Testing Facility
  • Abraxis BioScience
  • Biotechnology Club Polo Shirts

Student Biotech Projects

*Current students and alumni are encouraged to share news about their projects and/or ask for club members' input. Please email a club officer for details.

Current and Past Members

Shawn - Hi. Biotechnology is awesome. We have really cool speakers come in and talk to us about amazing things such as COVID-19 and TGEN internships! We now meet virtually every other week and have a great time on zoom, and we do cool stuff almost everyday.

Kevin - Hello, ever wonder what vaccines are really made of? Ever wonder what they really do? Biotech Club has all the answers to your questions. I joined the Biotech Club to learn more about the world around me. Along the way, I found friends, connections, and a sense of community within this group. I came in with no experience or background knowledge whatsoever, but through the help of our current members, I am now planning my own experiments and still get aid for my own research. :)

Truong - Hi everyone. There are abundant areas in biotechnology. In GCC, we have achieved many research projects such as induced gene expression, genetic engineering, enzyme activity, bioinformatics, and protein structures. Join this club and discover research and future career opportunities in biotechnology.

AJ - Hello guys, I love biotechnology! Being a part of this club allows you to learn a whole lot of interesting things about the molecular world, and can teach you some very valuable skills.

Kendrick - Hello everyone! The biotechnology club has only increased my interest about the microbial world and science in general. Through presentations from experts in the field or keeping up with current news, the biotechnology club is a great place to network and have some fun while doing so.

Fun Facts in Biotechnology

  • It is estimated there are thirty-seven trillion (37,000,000,000,000) cells in your body!
  • Amoeba dubia has the largest genome with 670 billion base pairs. That is about 200 times more than a Human's.
  • Radiation destroys DNA. 500 to 1,000 rads can kill a human but Deinococcus radiodurans can survive up to 1, 5000,00 rads!
  • The American Cancer Society predicts more than 1,600,000 new cancer cases to be reported in 2015. 
  • Human DNA consists of 3 billion base pairs and is three feet long when unraveled.
  • People have an estimated 21,000 protein-coding genes but have between 250,000 and 1,000,000 proteins.
  • The Tardigrades or "Water Bear" is a micro animal that can survive up to 10 years without food, the vacuum of space, dehydrating to 3% body water, temperatures near absolute zero and over 212 Fahrenheit.
  • Thiomargarita magnifica is the largest bacterium ever found, 1 cm long, and has a more complex internal organization than typical bacteria
Dr. James Tuohy