Veterans Services

Serving Those Who Served

Military Advanced Education LogoThe Veterans Services Center at Glendale Community College is a "one-stop" service for veterans who want to pursue education. Named a Veteran Supportive Campus by the Veterans Administration, the Veteran Services Center can help you transition from military life to the academic environment, get academic support and move into a civilian career. 

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Our advisors are veterans themselves. Let them help you plan your academic path, identify federal and state benefit options, and connect with veteran services both on campus and in our surrounding community.

The VSC can help you:

  • Choose and register for classes
  • Plan your degree
  • Complete financial aid forms
  • Understand tuition and book deferment options
  • Explore civilian career options, career counseling and job search tools
  • Meet Department of Veterans Affairs regulations to use Veterans Educational Assistance benefits
  • Network with other veterans in the Veterans Support Coalition or the Veteran Women's Support Group

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