Remote Login to Campus Computer

Remote Login to Campus Computer

GCC provides currently enrolled students access to use the applications installed on some campus machines from offsite by using the LabStats application.

Labstats allows you to connect to a computer in one of the available labs so you can use specialized software such as Photoshop or CAD.

In order to use LabStats, your computer needs to be connected to the school network via VPN.  To connect to the VPN, you will need to download and install the SoftetherVPN client application. 

The below PDF instructions will help you navigate the process for using a GCC computer remotely with LabStats.  Instructions also include directions for the SoftetherVPN client.

The below PDF is the the list of applications that are available for students on the computers listed in Labstats.

Should you need additional support please contact the service desk.

NOTE: If you have a GCC loaned device, the Sofether VPN should already be installed.

Setup a Windows with RDP SoftetherVPN Labstats Video