Adobe for Students

Adobe for Students

Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 applications are locally installed in the applicable classrooms and labs. For a student to be able to access any of the applications they will need to sign-in to the cloud. The recommendation is to have students use a Google ID using the students Before you can log in and use Adobe Creative Cloud you must create an account.

Attention Students!

Sign out of your Creative Cloud (CC) session before signing off the computer. A CC login is meant to linger. Logging out of the computer will not log you out of the Creative Cloud. Avoid potential issues by always logging out of Creative Cloud.

AdobeCC Student Log In Instructions

GCC Student Adobe Account Creation Process

You can download instructions above or follow the steps below:

1. On any GCC computer with Adobe Creative Cloud installed, Launch (click) an Adobe product

Adobe for student app image


2. You will see a sign-in window similar to the image below. Click on Google to sign in with your student email account.

Adobe for Student Sign In portal image


3. The sign-in window will change as seen in the screenshot below. Type in your MEID with and click next.

Adobe Student Sign In MEID portal image


4. The login window will redirect you to the MCCCD Student Google Apps sign-in page. Sign in to your student email with your MEID and password and click Log In.

Adobe Student Email Portal Image


5. Modify the Adobe account fields to add your birth date and click Done. 

Adobe Student Welcome page image


6. Wait for the confirmation. Once you receive the ‘You’re all set!’ confirmation, you can close the browser window and go back to the Adobe application.

Adobe Sign In Completed image