Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

GCC has two wireless networks available: GauchoNet_Secure and Maricopa.

If you have an MEID and password we recommend that you connect to GauchoNet_Secure. If you are a guest on campus you should connect to the Maricopa network.


Connecting to GauchoNet_Secure is easy:

  1. Connect: Use the Wi-Fi settings on your device to connect to the network. Please refer to the user manual of your device if you are unsure how to do that.
  2. To connect to GauchoNet_Secure, you will be prompted for a username and password. While the password is the same as your MEID password, you must type the username in this format to connect: MEID@mcccd.org. Detailed instructions for connecting to GauchoNet_Secure can be found here:
  3. You're in! Your device should be connected to the Internet

How to connect to the Maricopa network:

  1. Use the Wi-Fi settings on your device to connect to the appropriate network. Please refer to the user manual of your device if you are unsure how to do that.
  2. In case your device doesn’t automatically ask you to sign in to the wireless network, start your favorite web browser.
  3. To connect to "Maricopa", you need to read and accept the MCCCD Computing Resource Standards as prompted. If you agree, click the “Continue to the Internet” button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Use the instructions above to connect to the Maricopa network. 

Your MEID is the same login you use to access your student/employee email, my.maricopa.edu, or to log in to one of the computers on campus. Check out the Your MEID page for complete information.

In order to improve our network security, we have decided to retire the GauchoNet network. Please use GauchoNet_Secure instead.

The "Maricopa" network requires you to accept the Computing Resource Standards every 24 hours.

GauchoNet_Secure requires you to update the credentials when your password is changed.

We are not blocking any websites at this time. However, we reserve the right to limit Internet speeds if we detect disruptive activity (such as P2P file sharing). 

Our network is designed to provide wireless coverage throughout most of our facilities on the GCC Main and GCC North campuses. 

Please contact the GCC Service Desk to report this issue. We will do our best to help you troubleshoot your connectivity issues. 

The speed of the wireless network is dependent on a few factors, such as distance to the nearest access point, and the number of users near you. In most cases, you can resolve most issues by restarting your device.

Yes.  Please view this document for instructions on how to print from the wireless network.


Currently we support the 802.11g/n wireless standard across campus. Some high-traffic locations support 802.11ac.

GCC requires users to comply with the Maricopa Computing Resource Standards.

GCC provides very limited technical support for computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other internet-capable devices not owned by the college. This support is primarily limited to enterprise applications and network connectivity support.   

Please contact the GCC Service Desk for any additional support.