Your Maricopa Enterprise ID, or MEID, is your key to accessing a variety of services not just at GCC but at any Maricopa County Community College.

You will use Your MEID to login to computers on campus, enroll in classes through your Student Center, access your Student Email account, even access on-line learning in Canvas.

If you are new to Maricopa and don't have an MEID use our New Account Wizard to create one.



  • If you are a returning Maricopa student and have not used your MEID for over a year you will need to Reactivate your MEID before you can use it.
  • If you already have an MEID, but don't remember what it is, use our I Forgot my MEID tool.
  • If you know your MEID but forgot the password or just need to change your password use the Reset Your MEID Password tool.
  • Maricopa District also has help on the IDME Website.
  • Still having a problem with your MEID? There are many Ways to Get Help.