Swim & Aquatics

GCC Offers Aquatic Activities All Year!

  • Get In The Pool GraphicLocated on the main campus, the 50-meter pool is heated to 80-84 degrees year-round.
  • Health benefits for all - Exercise is Medicine in the water!

Spring 2023 Swim and Aquatics Classes

Register online or call 623-845-3333.

PED103SM 10843 and 10822 - Swimming Class - Designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscular endurance in an aquatic environment. Includes group instruction in, practice with and coaching on the basic swim strokes, breathing techniques and strategies to improve efficiency of movement in the water. Must be comfortable in the water without assistance. (0.5 credit, 12-12:50 p.m. - 1/24-3/9 and 3/28-5/11)

PED103AQ 10850 - Aquatic Fitness - Water aerobics to music to advance lifetime fitness. Swimming skills are not required. Designed for all fitness levels. Students are encouraged to understand their own limitations and work within their bounds. (0.5 credit - 3/21-5/11

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Winter Break 22-23 Lap Swim

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

Starts: Monday, 12/19/22
Ends: Friday, 1/13/23

Winter Break Lap Swim is free for registered fitness center users and participants who are registered for Fall 22 and/or Spring 23

Spring 2023 Lap Swim

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12-2 p.m.

Starts: Monday, 01/02/23
Ends: Friday, 04/28/23

Lap swim is free for registered fitness center users. To register for Lap Swim only: Call 623-845-3333 and register for one of the following:

  • Fitness 500 10905 (1/2 - 4/30) $40 (Students and community, lap swim only)
  • Fitness 500 10883 (1/02 - 5/31)  $25 (All MCCCD employees)
  • Fitness 500 10884 (1/02 - 12/31) $75 (Benefit-eligible MCCCD employees)
  • Fitness 500 10874 (1/02 - 4/30) $20 for 4 visits (Great for visitors to Phoenix area) 

About Lap Swimming

  • Lap swimming is included for any Fitness Center registered users.
  • Download our Free One Day Guest Pass (see button on right side of this page) (Great for visitors and first timers)
  • If special permission is required for the section number you are choosing, please email or or call 623-845-3039.
  • Please see Kevin Kleissle, Aquatics Specialist, during lap swim hours if you need registration assistance or have general questions.

All swimmers must complete a Lap Swim Waiver (see Downloads on this page). Please go directly to the pool to check in with your ID card. Enter at the northeast gate. Face masks are recommended indoors in the changing areas. The minimum age is 13 with a parent/guardian present. Individuals who are 16 years of age can attend on their own with a parent/guardian signature.

Download the Lap Swim Waiver

GCC Water Safety Rules

  1. Only swim when a lifeguard or qualified instructor is on duty
  2. Read and obey all posted rules and signs
  3. Avoid swimming when feeling unwell or overtired
  4. Enter feet first by sitting on the side of the pool or using a ladder
  5. Swim in shallow water if you are not an experienced swimmer
  6. Check with a lifeguard before attempting a dive from the starting blocks
  7. Do not attempt to swim under the bulkhead that divides the pool