Facility Use

Facility Use

Glendale Community College maintains a variety of facilities, including classrooms and labs, conference rooms, athletic facilities, and more. These facilities are available for rent to the community when such use does not conflict with college operations.

For information regarding facilities, or to arrange a visit to view a facility at our main or north campus, please contact the Facilities Management office. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, by completing the External Request Form, or by contacting Facilities Management at (623) 845-3030. Requests involving major or complex events should be submitted at least two months in advance.


Complete the Permit

Pre-registration for signature solicitation (petitions and voter registration) is required. Please use complete and submit the Use of College Grounds Permit via email to Catherine Crawford at c.crawford@gccaz.edu.

Download the Procedure for Petition and Voter Registration Signature Solicitation Document

Check-in at the Student Leadership Center

Once approved and registered, all representatives must check-in and show a personal form of legal identification at the Student Leadership Center, SU-123E each day on campus prior to soliciting any signatures. Representatives will wear a badge provided by the Center throughout the duration of his/her time on campus. Representatives must check-out and return the badge each day on campus prior to leaving. Representatives are welcome on campus during normal business hours

  • Mon – Tues 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Wed – Thur 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Fridays 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • with the exception of any college-hosted events.

Solicit in Outside Areas

Please note that petition and voter registration signature solicitation is prohibited inside structures, including the Student Services area, Student Union, and classrooms. No petition and voter registration signature solicitors will be welcome on campus during the first and last week of classes. Please see the college-specific procedures noted on the Procedure for Petition and Voter Registration Signature Solicitation Policy

See S-14 Procedure for Petition Signature Solicitation and 2.4.8 Petition Signature Solicitation

This regulation and procedure govern access to college premises by representatives who wish to solicit signatures on petitions for the purpose of submission of a ballot proposition to voters, or nomination of a candidate for elective office, in a city-, county-, or state-wide elections or any other reason for which signatures are being solicited. The links below will direct you to each college’s specific procedures for the solicitation of signatures.

Each college president is authorized to designate general hours of accessibility for solicitation and a location on college premises where all representatives may solicit signatures. The location shall be in a common area where the solicitation will not serve as an obstruction to student activities or otherwise disrupt the college environment.

Download the Petition Signature Solicitation Instructions

See the Maricopa Community College Administrative Regulation Regarding Solicitation and Glendale Community College's Facility Use - Use of College Grounds Permit.

Commercial Advertising in any form is prohibited on the college campus (i.e., posted literature, and/or distribution through employee mailboxes).

Any solicitor who violates our administrative regulations may be deemed a trespasser on college premises, and therefore, subject to appropriate prosecution within the discretion of the College Safety department and other responsible officials at the college.

To rent facilities at GCC, the requesting organization or individual(s) must provide a certificate of insurance with specific coverages.

Download our Facility Use - Insurance Requirements

GCC charges fair-market rates for use of its facilities, as required by law.  Commercial entities and members of the general public are charged standard rates, while government and community entities may be eligible for discounted rates, excluding services and equipment, if applicable.  A "community entity" is a corporation or other legal entity whose business is non-commercial; is unrelated to the Maricopa County Community College District; and is recreational, educational, political, economic, artistic, moral, scientific, social, religious or for some other civic purpose in the interest of the community.  

Download our 2019 Facility Use Rate Schedule

This portion of the administrative regulations covers the use of MCCCD facilities for personal, business or non-MCCCD activities by non-MCCCD parties or MCCCD employees or Governing Board members. It excludes activities covered by the administrative regulation entitled "Solicitation." It also excludes the use of facilities by the general public when attending an event, or of facilities open to the public such as libraries.

View Administrative Regulation, Section 1.5.

GCC is required by statutory law to charge fair-market rent for use of facilities. The following categories describe instances in which a reduction or waiver of rental fees may apply: Co-Sponsored Events, Professional Organization Events & Non-MCCCD Events.

Requests must be initiated internally and submitted by GCC/MCCCD employees to the Facilities Management Office. After review, requests will be forwarded for approval at the vice president or higher level. Requestors will be notified of the status.

The exemption is intended to encompass solely those organizations whose membership consists of persons with the same or similar jobs at other public or higher educational institutions. In other words, the organization's mission should be directed at increasing the knowledge and skills required for the MCCCD employee-member to perform his or her specific job at MCCCD. See Appendix FM-14.

Exceptions in the category depend on the following criteria: The activity relates directly to MCCCD's education mission, the activity isn't political, and the value MCCCD receives from the activity is substantially equivalent to the amount of rent foregone. It is the nature of the activity itself, not that of the external organization, that determines the benefit to MCCCD.


Co-sponsored events are those in which MCCCD employees actively participate in the planning and management, and GCC or MCCCD is an announced and publicized co-sponsor. The co-sponsoring department, program, club etc. is required to staff the event, oversee logistics and publicity, and any other needs to ensure overall success.

Upon receipt and approval of your Facility Use - Use of College Grounds Permit, your business will be invoiced for payment. Participation and space in Vendor Week will not be guaranteed until all requirements have been met and payment has been received by Facilities Management. Payment must be received by the due date indicated on the invoice. All requests for space are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests should be received no later than (7) seven business days prior to the participation dates requested. There may be one or more vendors marketing the same or similar products during any given Vendor Week.

Campus restrictions regarding location, time, date and use of amplification apply. Standard spaces of one (1) table and two (2) chairs will be assigned either inside or outside the Student Union. Available dates are listed below and hours are 9 a.m. to  6 p.m.

  • Feb. 7-9, 2023
  • Mar. 7-9, 2023
  • Apr. 4-6, 2023
  • May 2-4, 2023

All solicitation must take place at tables in designated areas. Vendors may not approach students beyond the front edge of the table, call out to them, or circulate throughout campus.

Parking for visitors is restricted to Student and Visitor parking spaces only. Parking in Disabled, Employee and/or School Vehicle parking spaces is not permitted and may result in a ticket. For specific rules about unloading, please contact Public Safety at (623) 845-3535. It is suggested that all participants provide their own carts and/or hand trucks to transport materials.

Vendor Week Requirements

  • Completion and submission of a Facility Use - Use of College Grounds Permit.
  • Requests must be received 7 (seven) business days prior to desired participation dates.
  • Prepayment of $50 per day or $125 for the full week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.