Posting Internships

Posting Internships

Are you an employer interested in an intern? Complete our Internship Interest Form.

Benefits of hiring interns:

  1. Offers a cost‐effective screening program for recruiting highly‐qualified students.
  2. Gains motivated, enthusiastic students employees whose work is evaluated and translated into college credits.
  3. Experiences less employee turnover through contact with faculty‐coordinator and cooperative education staff.
  4. Provided with the chance to communicate business and industry needs to the college.
  5. Experiences lower recruiting and training costs with trained co‐op students who are able to move into more permanent positions.

For-profit private sector employers are encouraged to compensate the students for the work performed as an intern. Many of our students work and find it difficult to pull away from work to take on an internship. Employers that compensate their interns tend to receive more applicants.

If compensation is not provided, the company must meet the U.S. Labor Department’s six criteria for an unpaid internship in order to not be in violation of certain provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): Internship Fact Sheet.

Contact our Internship Coordinator, Lindsay Walker at for details.