Plan My Career - Career Counseling

Plan My Career - Career Counseling

Are you unsure about your career path?  Do you have career options but are not sure which one is best for you? Have you chosen a career but are uncertain about the education and training requirements?

Counseling faculty can help you clarify your career options and help you to choose a career goal that is meaningful to you. Counseling faculty will help you learn about yourself and the world of work in order to make an informed decision.  Students who clarify their career goals can expect the following benefits:

  • Clearly defined career goals help you to develop relevant educational plans.
  • Students with clearly defined career goals tend to be more motivated and academically successful than students who lack career goals.
  • Career exploration will make it more likely that you find a career that is satisfying to you.

Counseling faculty can administer and interpret Assessments that can help you learn about your values, interests, personality, and skills (VIPS).  Career options that reflect your VIPS may be more meaningful and satisfying options.

Additionally, we can provide you with research resources (some of which can be found in our Library’s Career Guide) and activities that can help you learn more about careers that you are considering.  These resources will help you learn about

  • career duties
  • job outlook
  • education requirements and
  • salary expectations.

Another way to engage in career exploration is to take a career class where you’ll have accountability and community built in! Consider CPD150AC (1 credit) or CPD150 (3 credits which includes time management, resilience training, and more).

To meet with counseling faculty about career development or personal/academic concerns, send an email to or call our front desk staff at (623) 845-3064.  Daily hours are posted under Contact Info on this page. There is no charge for counseling services.

In addition to offering non-clinical counseling services,GCC Counseling Faculty are also teaching faculty.  For more information about our courses, visit the Counseling Department.