Money Talks

Money Talks

You're here on a mission to create a better life for yourself and your family and that includes more earning power!

But do you know that how you manage your resources NOW while you’re in school will have a tremendous impact on your future?

Most students don’t realize this! On top of that, many students don’t realize when they’re borrowing money. This is a recipe for being overwhelmed by student debt that they may struggle to pay back later - but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Hi! I’m Ariel, Coordinator and Host of GCC Money Talks

I know firsthand that money can be an emotional and stressful topic - When the topic came up, I just wanted to run away.

For years I thought that I wasn’t good with money which just fueled my desire to completely avoid the topic.

Thankfully, a few things shifted my thinking and now I see how empowering it can be to take charge of your money so that you can have more of what you want in life.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t taught how to handle money and so most of our learning comes from making painful, costly mistakes.

GCC Money Talks can help you navigate paying for college so you can have a brighter future. But it’s important to remember that your future starts NOW - with the degree or certificate that you’re working on AND with the decisions you make about how to pay for school and how you manage your resources.

I encourage you to join us for Be A Smart Borrower - 3 Steps can help you avoid being overburdened by student debt. You’ll also learn 10 ways to keep school costs down, the 4 biggest student debt pitfalls, plus how to cut through career confusion and stay on track to graduate! Sign up here!

To get the most out of this session, I encourage you to attend or view the Money Talks session on Credit & Debt first.

View the GCC Event Calendar for upcoming sessions. Students and employees can also opt into the GC Money Talks Canvas, where you'll have on demand access to replays and advance notification of future events.

When you opt in, you'll have immediate access to:

The Wealth Secret: We'll debunk the myths that could be keeping you broke and learn the 3 steps to changing your financial future. Whether you want to grow wealthy or you want more financial confidence, this session is for you!

Managing Money: You’ll learn what it means to manage your money, why to start now, and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Credit & Debt: What is credit and how are credit scores calculated? How do you evaluate credit card offers and other forms of borrowing?

Be A Smart Borrower: Stay on track to graduate and do so, without being overburdened by student debt.

Financial Pitfalls: Debt is just one of many financial pitfalls that can derail your finances. So can scams, lifestyle inflation, technological changes and more.

Complete the 5 Money Talks Modules and join us for The Special, Invitation Only Session on Understanding Investing. Those that complete the 5 Money Talks Modules listed above will be invited to attend the Special, Invitation Only Session on Understanding Investing. (This session is offered once or twice a year - Schedule to be determined).


What is Money Talks and who is this for?

Money Talks is open to ALL students as well as faculty and staff. Money Talks is a collaboration between STEM Connect, Financial Aid and a growing number of campus departments.

Money Talks is here to help students and the campus community:

  • Learn about money
  • Dispel fears and myths about money
  • Make more informed decisions

In particular, Money Talks aims to help students:

  • Be more informed about paying for college so that they can avoid or limit their student debt, so they can get more of the financial benefits of their education.

Money - you’ll spend years to earn it…

spend a few hours to keep more of it.



The GCC Money Talks Library Guide provides an overview of the sessions and suggests related reading materials.

America Saves provides motivation, encouragement, and support for saving.

Explore careers and industries on My Next Move.

Learn more about how to be a smart borrower using the My Smart Borrowing tool.

Use CareerOneStop to research one or more of your selected career fields, be sure to also research current and future demand as well as projected salary. Unless you’re willing to relocate wherever your career takes you, be sure that you’re looking at data for the area where you’ll live.

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) enables students in 16 Western states and territories to enroll at participating public colleges and universities outside of their home state and pay reduced tuition.

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