Money Talks

Money Talks

Perhaps you think that when you get that big job and the big paycheck then you’ll solve the ‘money problem.’ But we’ve all known or heard of people who:

  • Graduated and got the job but they’re drowning in student loan debt.
  • Got the big job and the big paycheck and then wound up still living paycheck to paycheck or worse, got into more debt than they were in before.

The reality is that:

  • If you don’t know how to manage the money you have now, you won’t know how to manage money later (not having a lot of money isn’t a reason not to manage your money, it’s the reason you want to manage it)
  • The decisions you make now can have a long-term impact on your future especially when it comes to your educational choices and student loans.
  • Managing money is a skill – it’s something YOU can learn because anyone can learn it. You don’t have to be a finance major or math whiz to learn how to manage your money.
  • Money doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating
  • Money skills are skills that we all need, and we can all improve on no matter what age or stage we’re in.

What is Money Talks and who is this for?

Money Talks is open to ALL students as well as faculty and staff. Money Talks is a collaboration between STEM Connect, Financial Aid and a growing number of campus departments.

Money Talks is here to help students and the campus community:

  • Learn about money
  • Dispel fears and myths about money
  • Make more informed decisions

In particular, Money Talks aims to help students:

  • Be more informed about paying for college so that they can avoid or limit their student debt, so they can get more of the financial benefits of their education.

Money…you’ll spend years to earn it, spend a few hours to keep more of it.

Virtual Money Talks Bootcamp

Too many students are graduating with large amounts of student debt. It adds stress to your life and impacts your financial future.

But it’s not inevitable. Learn now so you can keep more of what you earn later.

These 90-minute virtual sessions are designed to complement each other, so we encourage you to sign up so that you don’t miss any of this important information. Students who are interested in specific topics can register for those specific sessions.

New Schedule coming out soon.


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