Foster Youth Champions

Glendale Foster Youth Champions

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On campus, look for this symbol: Anywhere you see it, you will find someone who is committed to helping you take the next step in your journey toward college graduation.

Foster youth students will have access to GCC's many resources, including tutoring, academic counseling, career planning, skill development, and additional support services including:

  • Employment
  • Financing Your Education
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Housing Resources
  • Mentoring and Affiliation Opportunities
  • Transportation

Meet our Champions!

Contact Admissions & Records Champions for questions about high school transcripts, proving residency, and identity verification.

Leslie Sheeler,
Location: GCC North Enrollment Center
Department: Enrollment Services
Stacey Bua,
Location: GCC Main Enrollment Center,
Department: Admissions & Records
Kim Stoltz,
Location: GCC Main Enrollment Center,
Department: Admissions & Records,

Giovanna P. Ochoa, M.ED,
Location: GCC Main Enrollment Center,
Department: Admissions & Records

Destiny Nunez Trujillo,
Location: GCC Main Enrollment Center,
Department: Admissions & Records


Contact Advisement Champions for questions about how to choose a major, how to make sure all your classes will transfer, and what classes are right for your schedule.

Elena Beltran,
Location: GCC Main High Tech 2, Office #116,
Department: Academic Advisement
Mickey Bell,
Location: GCC Main Enrollment Center,
Department: Academic Advisement
Tina Franklin,
Location: LA-125,
Department: Teacher Education Program
Madai Garcia,
Location: GCC Main Enrollment Center,
Department: Academic Advisement

Contact Counseling Champions for questions about how to succeed in your classes, life skills, and stress management.

Laura Dodrill,
Location: GCC Main,
Department: Counseling CCS-112

Contact Career Services Champions for help determining what career might be a good fit for you, seeking jobs while in school, and preparing for jobs when you graduate.

Lindsay Walker,
Location: GCC Main,
Department: Career Services

Contact Disability Resources & Services Champions if you would like extra support in the classroom, if you had an IEP in High School, or if you need help navigating the campus.

Julie Nevarez,
Location: GCC Main Administration Office A-139,
Department: Disability Resources & Services

Contact Financial Aid Champions for questions about FAFSA, scholarships, and affording your tuition.

Edna Alcala,
Location: GCC Main Enrollment Center EC-116,
Department: Financial Aid
Maria Trujillo Garcia,
Location: GCC Main Enrollment Center
Department: Financial Aid

Contact On-Going Support Champions if you need support navigating the campus.

Deborah Roseke,
Location: GCC Main Physical Sciences PS-114,
Department: Chemistry
Raechel Dillehay,
Location: GCC Main Administration Office
Department:  Institutional Effectiveness

Contact Library Access Champions for questions about Library Access.

Ann Riley,
Location: GCC Main Library LMC-100,
Department: Library Access Services

Contact Recruitment Champions for questions about recruitment and why you should attend GCC. 

Stephen Zubia,
Location: GCC Main Administration A-136,
Department: Recruitment & Outreach
James Morris,
Location: GCC Main Administration Office A-134,
Department: Recruitment & Outreach 
Frankie Roman,
Location: GCC Main Administration A-134,
Department: Recruitment & Outreach

Contact Student Life Champions for questions about how to connect to other students, student clubs and groups, and support for students on campus.

Dr. Genesis Toole,
Location: GCC Main SU-101F,
Department: Student Life
Connie Greenwell,
Location: GCC Main SU-123D,
Department: Student Leadership
Marlene Greeley,
Location: GCC Main SU-101D,
Department: Student Life

ETV Program

ETV provides up to $5,000 a year to youth currently in or who have experienced foster care for school-related expenses.  Participating students work with a Student Advisor and receive campus-based coaching and financial assistance.  

ETV Application


The Bridging Success Initiative

The purpose of the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Foster Youth Student Success Initiative is to increase college attendance and completion rates among students aging out of the foster care system. Maricopa Community Colleges seeks to increase our service to foster care youth through community engagement, student services, and support and alignment of existing programs and resources supporting college access and success.

For more information email us at or call Student Life at (623) 845-3525