Employment Preparation

Employment Preparation

Finding a job takes time and it can be stressful. Career Services assists you in the process with the following resources. If you need to talk to a Career Services team member, appointments are available in person, phone, or virtual video chat. To request an appointment, please schedule an appointment, connect with us via chat or give us a call at 623.845.3283.

For all other types of career services appointments, questions, or inquiries, please leave a message at (623) 845-3283 or email us at career.services@gccaz.edu.

Decide on Your Ideal Career

Before you start your job search, visit GCC's Career Services. Whether you’re a student or community member, our staff can teach you how to effectively maximize your job search efforts.

Decide on Your Ideal Career

Identifying the type of career you want is the first step of any productive job search. If you are undecided, visit the "Plan My Career" page to take personality assessments to identify what opportunities that are potentially a fit for you. Decide on the type of career you want and then move forward to the next step of creating your resume.

Protecting yourself while job searching

Protecting yourself while job searching is of utmost importance. Please review how to avoid job scams to help you learn about security precautions you can take in your job search online and with job offerings that may come to you through email.

Job Search Strategies

Direct Organizational Search

Are you interested in working for a specific company or organization? If so, visit the "job" or "employment" page on its website for the latest listings of available employment opportunities within the company or organization.

Job Search Engines

Online job search engines (or job boards) are a good resource to view multiple job listings all at once, which provides an insight of available positions companies are hiring for. The downfall is not knowing if job opportunities are open or filled, and there is no guarantee that applying to jobs through these search engines will land you an interview. If you do find a job opportunity, research the company and its positions to ensure you meet the qualifications, then apply through the company website.  

Social Media Job Search Sites & Tools

As social media outlets become increasingly popular in job searching, following companies and searching for jobs through this outlet will allow you to access instant leads that may not be posted elsewhere.