Academic Advisement Assists

  • With your educational plans and degree pathway requirements from start to finish.
  • In registering for your required degree pathway courses.
  • In exploring and discovering your short and long-term goals.
  • With providing on-campus and off-campus resources and materials as needed.

Student Success Coaching (SSC)

  • You are encouraged to meet with your SSC advisor throughout the semester as a point of contact.
  • SSC may assist you with your educational and personal goals, accomplishments, strengths, challenges, obstacles, and college success strategies.
  • Provide you with ongoing updates and information regarding academic changes, STEM events, and other important information.

Students have access to:

  • Open use of computers and printer to complete your coursework.
  • A quiet environment to study.
  • Qualified staff for any questions or assistance while in the STEM Student Success Center.
  • STEM academic departments conveniently located nearby.

Comfortable Environment: We believe in providing a comfortable study environment to help you focus on your coursework.