Cultura STEM

Are YOU a LatinX in STEM student?

In Fall 2022, GCC STEM Connect proudly launched our new LatinX in STEM program. Last year, the LatinX in STEM students selected a new name, Cultura STEM.

Students in the program will participate in:

  • STEM career exploration activities
  • University tours
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Have access to school supplies, graphing calculators, and laptops
  • As well as meet and hang out with other Latino students in STEM!

To help more LatinX students successfully graduate within their chosen STEM field, GCC STEM Connect has launched this new LatinX in STEM program. Latinos make up 17% of the overall workforce in the U.S. However, they only make up 8% of those employed in STEM fields. Latinos are underrepresented in each of these STEM sectors:

  • Health (9%)
  • Life science (8%)
  • Math (8%)
  • Physical science (8%)
  • Computer (8%)
  • Engineering (9%)

This is unfortunate because STEM occupations tend to be higher-paying and have some of the highest projected professional growth rates. Research also shows that LatinX students who start in a STEM major are less likely to graduate with their STEM degree when compared to non-minority students.

Join Cultura STEM

    Cultura STEM meets every Thursday from 5 to 6 p.m. in the STEM Connect Area (HT2 Computer Commons). See our schedule below and also go to for updates and special events.

    We invite you to learn more and to join us by submitting the LatinX in STEM Interest Form or by emailing or

    Fall 2023 planned meeting dates are: 

    • September 7
    • September 21
    • October 5
    • October 19
    • November 2
    • November 16
    • November 30
    • December 14 (tentative - finals week)

    Spring 2024 planned meeting dates are:

    • January 25
    • February 8
    • February 22
    • March 7
    • March 21
    • April 4
    • April 18
    • May 2