Engineering Science

Engineering Science

Engineers work in leadership roles to provide practical solutions to many problems facing society. Examples of career challenges include:

  • Increased demand for high quality and safety in products.
  • International competition requiring rapid advancement of technology and lower costs.
  • Disposal of waste without polluting the environment.
  • Safe disposal and/or recycling of worn-out or obsolete products.
  • Conservation of dwindling natural resources.


GCC offers the first two years of a program of study leading to a bachelor's degree in various fields of engineering. Additional features of the program include:

  • Articulation (transfer) agreements exist with all three state universities in Arizona. Transfer guides are available from department advisors.
  • Other colleges and universities both in and out of state also accept transfers from the community colleges.
  • Degree programs in Arizona include, but are not limited to, computer systems, electrical (and electronic), mechanical, aerospace, civil, industrial, chemical, biomedical, mining, environmental, and nuclear engineering.

Consult with a department advisor in planning your academic schedule so as to consider course prerequisites, sequencing, etc.

Let the Engineering Science Department help you plan toward obtaining a bachelor's degree in the engineering field of your choice.