Assessing Student Learning

Glendale Assessment Unites to Change Outcomes (GAUCHO)

The GAUCHO goal is to provide an extensive resource for assessment information in one easy location. The engagement that occurs with assessment on campus in formal and informal settings continues in this online environment. To learn more please visit the GAUCHO website.

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Assessment Program

When their time at GCC is complete, are students leaving with the content knowledge, marketable skills, and life skills necessary for success? That is the question the GCC assessment of student learning program seeks to answer.

Glendale Community College strives to develop and maintain learning systems that foster student success with respect to disciplinary expertise and the institution’s general education learning outcomes: oral, written, and visual communication; critical and creative thinking; personal and community well-being; awareness and appreciation of diversity; information literacy; and clarification of career goals and the knowledge and skills needed for success in the workplace.

Student assessment at GCC focuses on the verification and improvement of student learning through a comprehensive program of academic benchmarking, data collection, analysis, and implementation. GCC uses multiple sources of evidence to discover what and how students learn and how they might use their learning experiences upon exiting the institution.