Sign Language Interpreting

Request a Sign Language Interpreter for Classes

If you are Deaf/Hard of Hearing and need a sign language interpreter, please begin the request process at least four weeks prior to the start of class:

  • Complete the enrollment process. Enroll yourself at GCC as a student. 
  • After you enroll, register with the DRS Office using DRS CONNECT.
  • Provide your most recent audiogram.
  • Meet with a DRS Advisor.
  • Once your accommodations have been approved, request sign language interpreters using DRS Connect.


Student Responsibilities

Deaf/Hard of Hearing students who use sign language interpreters at Glendale Community College are advised to:

  • Submit your request for classroom interpreters four weeks prior to the start of class each semester.
  • Contact the Sign Language Supervisor if you will be late or absent from class or you will be marked as a NO CALL, NO SHOW.