Hints for Applying

Hints for Applying

Need money to help pay for college? Scholarships can help. There are hundreds of scholarships out there - chances are great there is one that fits you! Contrary to popular myths, not all scholarships are need-based or require a high GPA. Many scholarships are tailored to specific student populations, such as part-time students, returning adults or students interested in a specific major.

Getting Started

Start by completing ONE online form to apply for all of the Maricopa Foundation Scholarships. When you complete this single application, you put yourself in the running for some of the $1,000’s in scholarship funds available. Deadlines vary.

How to Increase Your Chances

Scholarship criteria are often graded by a scoring system that evaluates students' responses. To get as many points as possible, follow instructions and read the questions carefully. You will lose points if your answer is shorter than required. A well-written answer has an introductory sentence, a body, and a conclusion. Double-check that you answer each question completely. Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

If you would like help with general English or writing skills, bring your completed answers to the GCC Writing Centers, for free assistance for all GCC students.

Below are the questions from the Maricopa Foundation Scholarships application. You can also download the questions. Write down your responses, then, when you are satisfied with your essays, copy and paste your answers into your online scholarship application

3 Questions asked on Maricopa Foundation Scholarships

1. Please describe in 7-10 sentences: your financial need for the upcoming academic year. Identify the types of funding you plan to receive, including personal/family contributions, as well as any special circumstances or obstacles.


  • Explain your current financial situation, as well as any special circumstances.
  • How are you covering everyday expenses?
  • Is your family able to support you financially? If so, explain to what extent.
  • Do you receive financial help from anyone other than your family members? If so, please explain.

2. Please describe in 7-10 sentences: your academic goals and plans for achieving them. Include your prospective degree/certificate, the timeline for completion and an explanation of how you plan to apply your education to your career of choice.


  • Are you the first in your family to attend college?
  • What inspired you to pursue the degree/certificate you are currently majoring in?
  • Explain your timeline in reaching your academic goal.
  • Explain what career success looks like to you and how you plan to use your degree after graduating

3. Please describe in 7-10 sentences: your employment or your involvement in campus extra-curricular activities (clubs/organizations, athletic teams, etc.) or your volunteer Community Service experience. Explain how you have demonstrated leadership skills.


  • Are you working? Explain what a day in your job is like. How do you show leadership skills in your position?
  • Do you volunteer in the community? If so, explain what you do and what inspired you to serve your community.
  • Are you involved in any student organizations? If so, explain to what extent and why you chose to be involved.
  • Explain how a positive or negative experience shaped your leadership skills.

Other Helpful Hints

  • Share your story. Talk about what made you who you are.
  • Be positive, truthful and descriptive.
  • Be yourself. Completely explain your circumstances.
  • Use spell check! Grammar, spelling and punctuation count.
  • Have a friend or family member proofread your answers for errors.
  • Write your answers in Word, then copy and paste into your application.
  • Read more helpful hints on our Scholarships Tips & FAQ's page.
  • Attend a free Financial Aid and Scholarship Info Workshop.

Where can you find MORE Scholarships?

Visit the GCC Scholarships webpage to find out where you can apply for other scholarships. For information on ways to pay for college, or for help completing your scholarship application, attend one of the free GCC Financial Aid and Scholarship Info Workshops.