Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based, federally funded program that allows the college to employ you while you earn educational credits. FWS funds are available to eligible students who qualify through the FAFSA.

It does NOT directly pay for tuition. These part-time jobs generally will not exceed nineteen (19) hours per week with a pay rate equal to at least the minimum wage. Read more detailed information on the Department of Education's Federal Work-Study Program Website.

More Information

  1. Complete 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    (In order to qualify, students must meet all general eligibility requirements for Title IV Financial Aid Programs). 
  2. Students must be attending a minimum of six (6) degree-applicable hours, in a federal student aid eligible program.
  3. Complete the 2024-20​25 Federal Work-Study Student Interest Form​​​​​.
  4. Review and apply for GCC Federal Work-Study jobs (please make sure to have your resume ready to upload). 
  5. If you are the preferred candidate, you will receive, complete, and submit a New Hire Packet to the Human Resources Office in the Administration building.
  6. Once all the paperwork is processed and approved, you will receive a job contract from your hiring supervisor notifying you of your start and end dates.
  7. Start your first day of work.

  • The hours must be worked before being paid; the rate depends on the position.
  • Hours worked will be reported electronically through HCM. The supervisor will assist the student with HCM.
  • Payday is every other Friday during the Fall/Spring semesters. Summer Sessions payday is every other Thursday. Paychecks are disbursed by the Cashier's office or by mail.

Calculation of earnings/hours or projections of the future will be determined by student and supervisor. Your unearned FWS balance is canceled at the end of the award period. Your time punches must be approved by your supervisor based on set payroll deadlines. Failure to follow procedures may cause your termination and/or your future FWS application to be denied.

  • Work over 8 hours per day during the Fall/Spring semesters,10 hours per day during the Summer Sessions
  • Work on weekends or holidays (unless each day is approved by your supervisor).
  • Work more than your scheduled hours; your average will not exceed 19 hours per week, no exceptions.
  • Work beyond the end of the semester of your award. You are responsible for maintaining your own record regarding earnings and balances.