Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Want to learn or practice a new language? 

All GCC students, faculty and staff have FREE access to Rosetta Stone. You can choose from 23 different languages and multiple levels. Rosetta Stone can help you:

  • Build language skills 
  • Improve pronunciation 
  • Increase vocabulary 
  • Use real-world phrases 
  • Learn to read and write

How to get access:

  1. GCC students and employees should complete this Google Form or contact to gain and their confirm access.
  2. If you are in a course using Rosetta Stone as part of the course curriculum, your instructor will give you information about your account. If you need help, contact Kim Feld at or Dede Elrobeh at

Tips to Use Rosetta Stone:

  • You can access Rosetta Stone on a computer, tablet, or a mobile phone using the Rosetta Stone app. 
  • The best strategy for Rosetta Stone language learning success is to work through each task in order, and complete 3-5 sessions per week for about 40 minutes each session.

The Rosetta Stone program has been made available to all of GCC thanks to the English, Reading, Journalism, and Creative Writing Dept.; Communication and World Languages Dept.; and the Center for Learning.