Nursing Assistant Program

Nursing Assistant Program

How Do I Become a Nursing Assistant?

The GCC nursing assistant (NA) course (NUR 158) prepares students to care for individuals across the wellness/illness continuum within the nurse assisting scope of practice. Students learn basic problem-solving skills needed to meet holistic needs of patients, therapeutic communication skills, interventions to ensure promote patient health and safety, conditions and alterations in patient behaviors, and principles of nutrition and fluid balance. Our focus is on special needs of the patient in acute and long-term care settings and acquisition of basic nursing assistant competencies. The course provides the opportunity for the development and mastery of selected nurse assisting skills through participation in laboratory practice and patient care clinical experiences.

Upon satisfactory completion of NUR158, the student is eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion (CCL) from GCC and students are also eligible to take the Nursing Assistant skills and written examination and to apply for licensure or certification by the Arizona State Board of Nursing (AZBN) if all application requirements are met.

Students who pass NUR158 and the state skills and written exams are eligible to apply for either of the levels of nursing assistant recognized by the Board of Nursing in Arizona:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): A person who passes an approved NA course and the state skills and written exam and provides proof of legal residence will be listed on the CNA registry. No application to the AZBN is necessary, and the person can use the initials “CNA”.
  • Licensed Nursing Assistant: A person who meets NA educational and exam requirements and additionally submits an application, fingerprints, and fees to the Board of Nursing. If the applicant meets Board requirements, the Board will license the applicant as an LNA and the applicant can use the initials “LNA”. 

The Arizona State Board of Nursing requires all students completing a nursing assistant program to submit proof of legal presence in the United States. Questions about eligibility for licensure and the documents required to apply for licensure should be directed to AZBN. 

Learn more about becoming a nursing assistant and occupational outlook. View the schedule for Spring/Summer 2023 NUR158 courses.

Nursing Assistant Program

To enroll in the Nursing Assistant (NA) Program you must first complete the following advisement steps:

Step #: What to do:
STEP 1 Visit: Become a Student to enroll. 

Attend a Mandatory Nursing Assistant Information Session

Online: GCC Nursing Assistant Information Presentation in Canvas (recommended) or Google Forms (if you don't have an MEID and are unable login to Canvas)


If you would like to enroll in the class, you will need to gather and upload/submit all course enrollment requirements as outlined in the Nursing Assistant Application packet and the Health and Safety website. Please remember, all requirements must be complete before you can be enrolled in the class.

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Download and complete the MaricopaNursing Health and Safety Checklist.
  2. Create an account with American DataBank (ADB)
  3. Purchase the Background Check and the12-month Tracker for Immunizations/Compliance.
  4. Upload all the Health and Safety Requirements to ADB.  Once all documents have been uploaded and approved you will be eligible to enroll.
  5. Create your account with mCE (myClinicalExchange).
  6. Link your mCE and ADB accounts so that the approved documents in ADB to transfer to mCE.

Please note, the Background Check and DPS Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card can take 10-30 days to process. The BLS/CPR training must be completed through a program certified by the American Heart Association Healthcare. GCC offers CPR classes through EMT101.

Students are enrolled in the program once all items have been uploaded and approved.

If you have questions about any of the NA program admission requirements, please contact us at We hope to see you in NUR158 soon!


Email the NA Intake Coordinator at with the completed application packet and acknowledgment of criminal background check.

*STUDENTS CANNOT SELF-ENROLL IN NUR158. The NA Intake Coordinator will enroll students after they have attended a mandatory information session and all health and safety requirements are complete.

Students will not be permitted to enroll in NUR158 until the following requirements have been met:

  1. Grade of “C” or better in RDG 100 or higher; Accuplacer Reading Next Gen score 230 or greater; or HESI A2 English Composite score of 75% or greater.
  2. Grade of “C” or better in MAT081 or higher; or Accuplacer Arithmetic Next Gen score 200 or greater; or HESI A2 Math score of 75% or greater.
  3. Health & Safety Requirements: In order to enroll in a Maricopa Community College healthcare program, you are required to meet health and safety requirements for clinical agency rotations. These include immunizations, CPR, fingerprint clearance card, background check, and drug screening. For information about specific requirements, see the Maricopa Nursing website, which includes a helpful video to guide you through gathering the documentation needed for each requirement.

Program costs include tuition, course fees, textbook, uniform and supplies, and health and safety requirements, including Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card, supplemental background check, and registration for compliance management sites per agency. For detailed information, see the Nursing Assistant Application Packet.