Cisco, Computer & Network Technology

Cisco, Computer & Network Technology

Cisco Systems is recognized as a worldwide leader, manufacturer and innovator of networking Internet hardware, software and high-tech services. Glendale Community College is a Cisco Networking Academy that prepares students for industry-recognized certifications and rewarding careers in Information Technology. The knowledge and skills taught in Cisco courses is the foundation for several IT careers including network administration, network engineering, network & computer systems administration, network technician, network security, Cybersecurity, network virtualization, cloud computing, telecommunications and more. IT jobs are found and needed in every industry; government, education, health care, retail, security, social media, tech companies and many more.

Learn Networking at GCC's Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco courses taught by certified Cisco Academy Instructors.

The Cisco program provides training for those interested in working in the IT industry and helps to prepare students for the following industry-recognized certifications:

  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • CCNA Security (Cisco Certified Network Associate Security) 
  • CCNA CyberOps (Cisco Certified Network Associate CyberOperations
  • CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)

Advantages of GCC's Cisco Classes

Students will get hands-on training and develop skills to:

  • Install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot routers, switches and firewalls
  • configure and modify routing, switching and security protocols, 
  • Set IP addressing for Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  • troubleshoot hardware and software configurations; 
  • perform administrative and network management tasks 

Consult with a department advisor in planning your academic schedule so as to consider course prerequisites, sequencing, etc.

Degrees, Certificates and Classes offered at GCC

  • AAS - Network and Systems Administration
    Major code 3189
    Credits 60-65
  • CCL - Cisco Network Administration: CCNA 
    Major code 5969N 
    12-15 Credits
  • CCL - Cisco Network Administration and Security 
    Major code 5036
    Credits 16-19
  • CCL - Cisco Network Administration: CCNP
    Major code 5037
    Credits 20-23
  • CCL - Computer System Configuration and Support, Network
    Major code 5044N
    Credits 9-13
  • CCL - Computer System Configuration and Support
    Major code 5038N
    Credits 6-9

  • CNT140AB
  • CNT160AB
  • CNT171
  • CNT205
  • CNT203
  • CNT240
  • CNT250
  • BPC170
  • BPC270