Receiving Your Financial Aid

How long does it take to know how much I qualify for?

The amount of time it takes to determine your federal financial aid award varies throughout the year and is dependent upon how quickly you respond to additional information requests. We recommend that you allow up to three months for processing. 

Please keep in mind the Important Dates, as certain deadlines can determine if you are required to make payment arrangements pending completion of your file.

Check your Student Center and Maricopa Student Email Account

Requests for additional information will be posted to your To-Do List, within your Maricopa Student Center, and sent as emails to your Maricopa Student Email Account. Check these often as communications happen constantly.

Once your file has been reviewed and completed, you will receive an email in your Maricopa Student Email Account notifying you of an offer, if you are eligible. To view your offer, click the View Financial Aid link under Finances in your Student Center. Your Financial Aid offer will display for each academic year you are offered Financial Aid at a Maricopa Community College. It will give you the option to accept or decline awards. As long as you accept the offer, this will prevent you from being dropped from your classes. 

Remaining Financial Aid Funds

Financial Aid is scheduled to credit to your student account near the end of the second full week of the standard term or the earliest class start date. Any excess aid, excluding all tuition, fees, book advance, and any other related charges, will be disbursed to you through the Maricopa Student Refund Program (MSRP). How quickly your funds are disbursed is dependent upon the MSRP delivery method selected.

First-time student loan borrowers may have a 30-day disbursement delay of funds. Federal regulations require this delayed disbursement unless you have completed 30 days of an eligible program of study at GCC as determined by the GCC Admissions and Records Office.

Funds for Textbooks & Supplies

The Book Advance program is an advance of the financial aid award. You can use it to purchase textbooks and supplies.

Tips on how to avoid delays

  • Complete the FAFSA as early as possible to apply for the financial aid you need for the fall, spring and summer of the next school year. Please visit our How to Apply for Financial Aid page for details on when applications are available and what documents you will need to complete the application.
  • Be sure to select Glendale Community College in Arizona as a school of choice. Our school code is 001076. Upon receipt, the federal processor will send an electronic record of your application to GCC's Financial Aid office within the next three business days.
  • Apply early because application processing begins mid-spring and some funds are limited.
  • Check your To-Do List in your Student Center and your Maricopa Student Email Account often. This is where you'll be notified if more information is needed to complete your application.
  • Request any Tax Return Transcripts from the IRS for the tax year required, in preparation for possibly being selected for Verification.
  • Be organized. When applying for any Financial Aid, keep all applicable paperwork available.
  • When applying for scholarships, application deadlines vary throughout the year. Please visit our Scholarships page for additional information.