Financial Aid Policies

How eligibility is determined:

Your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to determine your Financial Aid Award. Your first step is to complete your FAFSA online and the Federal Processor will send your FAFSA information to Glendale Community College (School Code 001076).  For further information, please visit the Department of Education's website.

What classes/courses are covered by Financial Aid:

Federal Financial Aid will only fund courses required to complete your declared program of study at Glendale Community College (GCC). If you are registered for courses not needed for your degree, you will not receive any additional funding for those specific classes. For more information, please visit the Course Applicability website. If you need assistance determining if the courses you are registered for are required for your degree, please reach out to GCC’s Academic Advisement for assistance.

How students are notified of additional requirements:

Requests for additional information will be posted to your To-Do List, within your Maricopa Student Center, and sent as emails to your Maricopa Student Email Account. Check these often as communications happen constantly.

Once your file has been reviewed and completed, you will receive an email in your Maricopa Student Email Account notifying you of an offer, if you are eligible. To view your offer, click the View Financial Aid link under Finances in your Student Center. Your Financial Aid offer will display for each academic year you are offered Financial Aid at a Maricopa Community College. It will give you the option to accept or decline awards. As long as you accept the offer, this will prevent you from being dropped from your classes.

What students should know when receiving Financial Aid:

Students are required to meet certain deadlines as well as financial, scholastic and conduct requirements, which are provided below: