We, the Geology Faculty, are experienced research, industry, and academic geologists dedicated to community education, offering Geology courses to serve the needs of:

  • Geology majors, minors, as well as future and in-service science teachers.
  • Students majoring in fields that require or recommend some geology foundation (e.g. civil engineering, forestry, environmental sciences etc. (See our Career & Degree Path Link)
  • Students who need to satisfy the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) for their Associate degrees or certificates, or to transfer to Arizona's public universities. Many GLG courses satisfy SQ and SG science requirements and some can be used to simultaneously satisfy Global and Historical Awareness areas.
  • Members of the community interested in geology- from the scale of individual minerals to the solar system itself or anywhere in between.



GCC Geology courses are taught in all modalities (in person and/or online) utilizing advanced instructional technologies and immense collections of minerals, rocks, fossils and a wide variety of demonstration materials.  Actual sample kits are available for online courses.  We are routinely available outside of class. We also take advantage of Arizona's spectacular geologic setting to provide the opportunity for real-time field observation of many geological features. Check out these award-winning MCCTV videos documenting just a few of our many Field Courses and Extra Credit Field Trips.

Geodyssey Part 1 | Geodyssey Part 2 | Geodyssey Part 3 | Geodyssey Part 4 | Geodyssey Part 5