The Math Sculpture

The Math Sculpture

Dr. Helaman Ferguson Math SculptureOn April 27, 2001, at the dedication of the new Math building at GCC, renown sculptor and mathematician Dr. Helaman Ferguson unveiled his 1000 pound granite sculpture in The Math Solution. Etched into the sculpture are the words:

"Symmetry~D 4 ... K < 0 negative gaussian curvature ... helaman ferguson, sculptor"

The base has the following two etchings:

"points, lines, planes…, angles, spheres, surfaces…, and no end in sight…, helaman ferguson, sculptor, 2001 / 0426 / 132"
"Commissioned by Glendale Community College Mathematics Department, Dean of Instruction & Evening Student's Government"

Minimum Gaussian curvature defines this black granite sculpture. Look for the mathematics in it. The pedestal is a plus or times sign; the base of the sculpture is a sphere, the curving tunnels define the empty space of a handshake, and the top is a sine curve.

Helaman Ferguson began his studies as an apprentice to a stone mason, then studied art in college and graduate school. He received a PhD in mathematics at the University of Washington and taught mathematics for many years.  Using his own creativity, Helaman Ferguson has built a bridge between mathematics and art.