Art History

Art History

Art History courses will introduce you to significant achievements in art and will help you discover how art both shapes and reflects culture – now and in the past. Studying the history of art enhances your awareness of today’s media-saturated visual environment, builds a basis for critical judgment of individual works of art, and cultivates a deeper appreciation of art. Students enrolled in art history courses will discover how to think analytically about images and how they transmit meaning and will develop critical thinking, research, and communication skills.

Introduction to Art (ARH 100)

Deepen your understanding and enjoyment of art and visual culture through the study of works of art, design elements, media and processes, and cultural contexts. 

Prehistoric through Gothic Art (ARH 101)

Explore the roots of art history from prehistoric through the medieval period.

Renaissance through Contemporary Art (ARH 102)

Study the history of art from around the world from the Renaissance through the contemporary period.

History of Modern Art (ARH 112)

Examine the development and significant aspects of modern art since the mid-nineteenth century.

History of Photography (ARH 115)

Survey the history of photography, and consider technical developments, aesthetic concerns, and the contributions of individual photographers.

Art of Asia (ARH 201)

Be introduced to the origins and historic development of art in Asia, with emphasis on China, Japan, and India.