Third-party Payments

Third-party Payments

A Third-party Payment Agreement is a written document notifying GCC that an individual or organization will pay for part or all of a student’s GCC bill.

Third-party Agreements Initiated by the Student

When initiated by a student, the student must provide an authorization letter from the third party indicating what (tuition, specific courses, or all tuition and fees) and how much they will pay. The letter should also indicate who is to receive any credit left on the account. The Cashier's Office processes the authorization letter for the third party to send payment directly to the District office address located on the invoice.


Institutional or Corporate Third-party Agreements

When initiated by an institution or corporation with a department within Glendale Community College, the GCC department representative acts as the liaison between the third party and Enrollment Services to set up the Agreement.

The Cashier's Office will process payments for the individual students enrolled in the specified course(s) upon receipt of the Authorization Letter. MCCCD District Office will invoice the third party. Payments should be sent directly to the District office address located on the invoice.


Third-party Authorization Letter

To set up a Third-party Payment Agreement, you must submit a complete “Letter of Authorization” which includes ALL of the following information:

  • The letter must be on official company letterhead.
  • Course(s) to be paid.
  • Specific billing requirements (e.g. tuition only, tuition and registration fee only, tuition and all fees).
  • First name, last name and student ID number for each student covered.
  • Whether out-of-state tuition will be paid by the third party.
  • Whether the third party is to be charged for tuition and/or fees if the student receives federal financial aid.
  • Contact person's name and telephone number.
  • Original signature from the authorizing party.
  • Billing address to invoice the third party.