Law Enforcement Operations

Law Enforcement Operations

Expand your police officer skills or prepare for the next step in your law enforcement career. Law Enforcement Operations courses include advanced officer training in firearms and weapons, negotiation techniques, high-risk stops and criminal investigation.

These classes are open to active Arizona Law Enforcement Personnel and qualify for AZPOST proficiency training credits. Registration requires proof of eligibility.

  • Criminal Investigations Certification (CCL) prepares law enforcement officers to specialize in the investigation of criminal activity and to successfully assist in prosecution.
    • See downloads for the Criminal Investigations Certification class details.
  • Law Enforcement Recertification for Concealed Weapons (WRKDEV200-10001) course for retired law enforcement officers wishing to fulfill the requirement of federal law HR218 Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA). 
    • After you pass three judgmental shooting scenarios you may submit your LEOSA permit application to DPS.
    • See downloads for the LEOSA class details document.

Advanced Officer Training

(AZPOST certifications where applicable)

Advanced Officer Training courses allow officers to develop their career paths while furthering their education. The classes offered have been approved for AZPOST continuing or proficiency training credits and carry AZPOST certifications where applicable.

Classes include:

  • AZPOST Law Enforcement (General) Instructor
  • AZPOST Firearms Instructor
  • AZPOST Rifle Instructor
  • AZPOST High-Risk Stop Instructor
  • Criminal Investigation Certification (aka: Detective School)
  • Tactical handgun, shotgun and rifle courses

LET classes are open to law enforcement, military and AZ DOC personnel only.