Fire Science Technology

Fire Science Technology

Firefighters, usually the first responders to an emergency situation, rely on knowledge, skills and training to stabilize victims at the scene, contain the threat and maintain their own safety.

The GCC Fire Science Program prepares students to enter the fire safety industry or to update skills in order to move into advanced firefighter positions, including wildland firefighting, arson investigation, safety education, HAZMAT management, EMT emergency medical technician, technical rescue and incident command.

GCC Fire Science

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Fire Science courses at GCC include hands-on instruction and actual burn exercises, taught by fire science professionals with years of experience in the field. With a certificate or associate degree in Fire Science, you will be prepared to start a career with a fire department or add the skills needed to advance a fire services career.

GCC Fire Science programs meet the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1001 and Professional Firefighter Standards.