Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Why should I take a Religious Studies course?

REL classes help develop your knowledge of cultural diversity. Regardless of your career goals, understanding the religious traditions of others helps you build stronger personal and professional relationships. We offer face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses. Our REL courses meet one or more of the following General Education Designations: L, HU, G, C. 

What Religious Studies Courses (REL) are currently being offered?

How will REL classes transfer to other Arizona Universities?


REL100: World Religions

This is our most popular Religious Studies Course. It covers the religious traditions of the world, their impacts, and cultural contexts. Courses like REL100 help you build stronger personal and professional relationships through understanding. You will discover global perspectives, study sacred texts, and explore ritual, symbolism, and art.

REL203 (AIS213) American Indian Religions

Students will learn about indigenous perspectives. It covers the symbolism of nature, origin theories, rituals, ceremonies, as well as earth structures and art.

REL 205 Religion and the Modern World

This course covers religion's relationship with culture, politics, economics, and society.  It addresses the spectrum of beliefs within religious traditions. It also covers issues of religious tolerance and hate groups.

REL 207 Ritual, Symbol, and Myth

This course looks at the differences between types of symbols and the patterns and the significance of archetypes. You will learn different ways to study and understand myths in literate and non-literate cultures. You will also examine the purposes and stages of individual, social, and specialized types of ritual.

REL 270 Introduction to Christianity

This course covers the historical development from the birth of Jesus Christ to modern forms of Christianity. It will introduce you to the art and icons of Early Christian theology and orthodoxy as well as the teachings of the desert fathers and mystical mother. 

REL290: Women and World Religions

This course parallels REL100, but it focuses on domestic or private practices. Medical or Exercise Science students will find the religious rules about the body, health, diet, fasting, and medical care valuable.