Philosophy & Religious Studies Department

Philosophy & Religious Studies Department

Classes in Philosophy and Religious Studies help students cultivate a mindset of mutual respect and foster the exchange of ideas. Explore interdisciplinary perspectives on religious traditions, eastern and western philosophy and spirituality, ethics, bioethics, logic, and Native American religious traditions. Complimenting these courses are tradition-specific courses in Judaism, Islam and Christianity, as well as thematic courses on women in religion, the philosophy of sexuality, and environmental ethics. 

Transfer Credits

Philosophy and religious studies classes transfer as Humanities classes to many four-year institutions. Take introductory, core and elective courses at GCC in a small classroom setting with individual attention before transferring to a university for higher-level courses. Use the Course Equivalency Guide to see which courses transfer.

Outstanding Faculty

All experts in their fields, residential Philosophy and Religious Studies faculty are published authors and researchers who are dedicated to teaching and inspiring students. 

Teach Here

Are you qualified to teach religious studies or philosophy classes at GCC? Find out how to become an adjunct faculty member.