The GCC Music Program

We are committed to providing accessible innovative, quality musical curricula and peak aesthetic experiences to empower you to achieve your artistic, academic, and career goals.

This is supported by synthesizing and integrating these eight pillars of music education in a liberal arts curriculum of artistic and scholastic pursuits:

  • Performance: developing and refining technique, discovering artistry and incubating discipline and accountability though musical and technological study in applied and collaborative settings
  • Education and Pedagogy: providing coherent approaches focused on preparing and proliferating the emerging generation of music teachers 
  • Musical Literacy: building upon cultural traditions, customs and innovations while pursuing knowledge and understanding of musical forms and genres
  • Creative Practice: inspiring imagination and ideation through reflective study, analysis, and composition
  • Critical and Aesthetic Thinking: provoking independent artistic thought through a broad range of musical experiences
  • Technical Literacy: inspiring creative usage and integration of relevant technologies to enhance artistry and the learning process
  • Entrepreneurship: exploring creative enterprise and intellectual property to prepare students for employment, advancement and successful careers in the music industry
  • Community and Inclusion: celebrating our community, the cohort we serve, and its diverse strengths while promoting social justice and lifelong learning

Flight of the Bumblebee(s)

Featuring:  Stefanie Gardner, GCC Faculty & Joshua Gardner, ASU Professor

Flight of the Bumblebee(s) Video