Set yourself up for success with tutoring, tools and more at the Center for Learning

Monday, February 13, 2023
Female students studying.

As the new semester begins, we at GCC would like to welcome you to our community! Whether you are attending classes with us for the first time or returning to continue your course of study, we wanted to make sure that you start this semester off on the right foot – and that includes getting a refresher on all of the amazing academic resources available to you at the Center for Learning at GCC. No matter if you are looking for coaching at one of our tutoring locations or trying to find ways to make your study time more effective, the Center for Learning is your one-stop tutoring spot.

The Center for Learning, located on the east side of the main campus – north of the Language Arts building, is home to a wide variety of amazing tools and resources, including:

  • ACCUPLACER and CELSA Test Prep Workshops
    Want to improve your placement scores in Reading, Writing, and Math? These workshops can help! Not only will you get ahead in preparing for your classes, but you could also even save time – and money – by testing out of lower-level courses.
  • ESL Conversation Circle
    These tutor-facilitated workshops are designed to help non-native English speakers develop conversational skills in a positive, academic environment. Spring meetings will meet on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the semester.
  • Writing Center
    The Writing Center offers free 30-minute appointments with faculty members from the GCC English, Reading and Journalism Department who will work with you to improve your writing skills, help with current assignments and more!
  • Computer Lab and Group Study Rooms
    Need a place to get away from it all and get your study on? The computer lab consists of 50 computers equipped with internet, various software and staff that will aid your learning success. Group study rooms are quiet spaces available for you to work on your own or in groups for your classes. Students can use these rooms for up to two hours on a first-come-first-served basis. No reservation is needed! You can also find a host of resources that can help you master the art of effective studying.

Tutoring is available for most subjects throughout the semester and no appointment is needed!

Make the most of your time, effort, energy and money by taking advantage of these awesome resources. Check out the Tutoring Across College page or stop by the Center for Learning for more information.