University Transfer Pathways

University Transfer Pathways

The Transfer Pathways program is a unique agreement between Maricopa Community Colleges and Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona that provides guaranteed admission and university advising support throughout your first two years of college.

Under a pathways agreement, you are considered a university transfer and are given a degree map that includes all of the courses you need to move seamlessly into the university
program. You can contact your university advisor at any point leading up to transfer to confirm your course requirements and discuss any issues that might arise as you work toward your degree.

Beyond Transfer Pathways with Arizona’s public universities, Maricopa Community Colleges also has well-established partnerships with more than 40 institutions within and outside
the state. Private and out-of-state transfer partners include Grand Canyon University, Prescott College, Columbia College Chicago, and Western New Mexico University, to name a few.

Connect with your Advisor or Transfer Representative to create your customized transfer plan.

Associate Degrees (AA, ABus, AS)

Degree Name, Major Applies to

AGEC Block

Total Credits

Associate in Arts (AA)

For Liberal Arts majors.



Associate in Arts, Elementary Education (AAEE)

For Elementary Education, Multicultural/Multilingual, or Special Education majors.



Associate in Arts, Fine Arts (AAFA)

For Art, Dance, Theater or Music-related majors.



Associate in Business, General Requirements (ABUS-GR)

For Business majors.



Associate in Business, Special Requirements (ABUS-SR)

For Computer Information Systems majors.



Associate in General Studies* (AGS)

When your educational goals require flexibility.



Associate in Science (AS)

For majors that require more rigorous math and science



*This degree may be less appropriate for students who intend to transfer to a bachelor’s degree-granting institution. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss this option.

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC - A, B, S)

If you complete the entire AGEC block before getting admitted, these credits will transfer as a block to ASU, NAU and U of A and satisfy most of the university’s general studies requirements. If you complete the AGEC with a 2.5 GPA or better, you are guaranteed admission to ASU, NAU, and U of A. 

There are three General Education blocks– AGEC-A, AGEC-B, and AGEC-S. Complete the AGEC that is appropriate for your major.

AGEC-A (35 credits)

Complete the AGEC-A if you will major in liberal arts, fine and performing arts, or elementary education when you transfer to the university. Such majors may include communications, English, history, religion, philosophy, theater, dance and sculpture.

AGEC-B (35 credits)

Complete the AGEC-B if you will major in business when you transfer to the university. Business majors may concentrate on accounting, economics, finance and marketing

AGEC-S (36 credits)

Complete the AGEG-S if you will major in a subject area that requires calculus and more rigorous science courses. Such STEM majors may include biology, chemistry and engineering

Common Courses

If you know your major but haven’t decided which university you will attend, Common Courses are a safe option. Common Courses:

  • are recommended lower-division courses in a major offered by two or more public universities.
  • are decided upon by university and community college faculty committees.
  • will satisfy major, minor, prerequisite or elective requirements for associated majors.
  • provide an alternative for students exploring many possible majors.

Refer to the transfer guide and connect with your advisor or transfer representative to select courses.

Transfer Your AAS Degree

In addition to the degrees listed above, all of GCC's Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees can transfer seamlessly into a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree at some universities. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss if this transfer opportunity fits your academic or professional goals.

Attending a Private University

If you are planning to transfer to a private university in Arizona or another state, your transfer plan may still include completing an AGEC and/or an associate degree. Ask your Advisor or transfer representative.