The Honors Experience

The Honors Experience

The Honors Program is a holistic student experience. As an honors scholar, you will participate in classroom and extracurricular activities that enhance the time you spend as an undergraduate student at Glendale Community College. Several key elements contribute to your development as an honors scholar.

Honors Student Orientation

Honors students begin their time in the program by completing an online, interactive orientation to college life and expectations of the Honors Program. Through this process, honors scholars gain the requisite information they need to be successful members of the honors community.

Honors Classes

Honors designated courses are the hallmark of the honors experience at GCC. In these classes with fellow honors scholars, you have the opportunity to engage in small-group discussions, participate in interactive hands-on learning, and receive personalized attention from our dedicated honors faculty. All honors courses include a course-specific honors project that offers students research experiences and the chance to practice their oral and written communication skills.

Co-Curricular Activities

Honors students at GCC select and complete activities to enhance their learning and personal growth outside the classroom. The co-curricular experience includes free choice activities selected by the individual honors scholar that range from workshops on time management to film series discussions to theatrical performances, and so much more! Each honors scholar also engages in service-learning through volunteer activities in their local community.

Honors Clubs and Organizations

Honors scholars participate in GCC’s many student organizations, including the Student Honors Organization. SHO is a campus club for honors students that is run by honors students. Every honors scholar also receives provisional membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious honor society in the world.

Honors Program Graduation

Honors scholars who complete 15 credit hours of coursework designated as honors and finish with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher are eligible to graduate from the Honors Program. These scholars receive special recognition during GCC’s Commencement Ceremony and on their academic transcript and diploma.