Psychology Internships

Psychology Internships

Internships provide an opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields you are considering for career paths. Internships integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.

Internships are a partnership between you, your internship Supervisor and the Faculty Coordinator and are part of a carefully monitored process. Students, in collaboration with the Faculty Coordinator, create intentional learning goals and objectives to achieve throughout the internship. You must satisfy specific requirements in order to receive credit for your internship. Psychology students who are interested in completing an internship must have passed (C or better) two, 200-level psychology courses. At least one of the 200-level psychology courses must be taken in the semester prior to the internship.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Gains valuable experience in the field of study
  2. Learning becomes more relevant; develops additional skills and knowledge
  3. Able to work on projects and with equipment not available on campus
  4. Improves self‐confidence and responsibility
  5. Establishes contacts with employers; begins networking future jobs
  6. Has the opportunity to make informed decisions about job compatibility
  7. Employers are impressed by internships on a resume, providing an edge over candidates without them.

What is the Process for Completing an Internship?

  1. Contact the Faculty Coordinator to determine eligibility
  2. Meet Director of Career Services for help finding a position in your field of study
  3. Contact employer or internship supervisor for an interview
  4. Register for internship course (PSY 244)
  5. Establish learning goals and objectives
  6. Complete 80 hours of designated work (paid or unpaid)
  7. Complete course assignments and activities (e.g., journal, evaluation, reflection paper).

GCC's Psychology Internship Opportunities

An internship provides you with an opportunity to earn college credit while pursuing an opportunity to test a career field, gain professional skills, build your resume, establish important connections and build a network of contacts. If you are interested in a psychology internship, you must enroll in the PSY244 Internship in Psychology course. For more information about internships, contact Lisa Worthy 623-845-4803,