Communication & World Languages Department

Communication & World Languages

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Image of Global Scholar 2019Developing skills in oral and written communications, business communications, and public speaking will help you compete in any career field. GCC offers a broad range of communication courses, including interpersonal communication skills, business communication, intercultural and English fluency, public speaking and argumentation and small group communication. 

Courses such as Argumentation (COM222), Public Speaking (COM225), and The Art of Storytelling (EDU292) will raise your communication skills to the next level.

Did you know you can complete your bachelor's degree without leaving GCC?

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National and International Speech Competitions

GCC’s award-winning Forensics (Speech) Team travels regularly throughout the nation and competes in national and international tournaments. Communication Activities (COM281AB) is designed to provide students with competence and confidence in a variety of speech situations.


Foreign (World) Language Classes

GCC’s world language classes emphasize oral and written proficiency while developing knowledge of related cultures and literature. Choose from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, American Sign Language and Spanish. Learn more about Foreign (World) Language Classes.


English Language Fluency Classes

If English is not your first language, you can dramatically improve your oral and written communication skills at GCC. Learn more about English Language Fluency Classes.