Microsoft Datacenter Academy

Microsoft Datacenter Academy

The Microsoft Datacenter Academy is a workforce development program in which Glendale Community College and Estrella Mountain Community College are collaborating with Microsoft to provide students with cutting-edge, hands-on IT training and experience in high-tech classrooms, along with a Datacenter Academy lab that contains rack cabinets that have a mix of servers, storage devices, and networking equipment.

In the Microsoft Datacenter Academy program, students have the opportunity to meet with and/or be mentored by Microsoft employees. Students also have the opportunity to apply for internships with Microsoft.

The IT training is designed to prepare students for national industry certifications and to be highly skilled for employment in the growing cloud computing and IT sectors. This partnership with Microsoft fills a void in the IT job market and provides students with streamlined pathways to high-paying IT jobs.

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Scholarships are available

About the Scholarship

The Microsoft Data Center Academy in partnership with Glendale and Estrella Mountain Community College is helping under-represented diverse students build digital skills and provide career pathways in the growing information technology sector. The scholarship will cover tuition, books, registration fees, and testing vouchers. The GCC programs that qualify to apply for the scholarship are listed below. If you have a question regarding your program selection, please reach out to the CIT FOI Advisors for assistance by clicking on ‘Connect With An Advisor’. Be sure to select Computer & Information Technology as your Field of Interest (FOI) and enter Microsoft Data Center Academy as you program of study.

Scholarship Criteria

Preference will be given to female or minority students in one of the following GCC IT programs and courses for certification preparation.

Degrees (AAS) and Certificates of Completion (CCL)

Certification Courses

  • CIS126RH and CIS238RH (Red Hat and/or Linux+ Certification Prep)
  • CIS190 or CNT140AB (Network+ Certification Prep)
  • BPC170 and BPC270 (A+ Certification Prep)
  • BPC274 (Server+ Certification Prep)
  • ITS110 (Security+ Certification Prep)

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