Building closures and temporary moves for the summer

Wednesday, May 1, 2024
We have moved sign

Several buildings on campus will be fully and partially closed for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) repair work and upgrades. This will require the temporary relocation of departments, offices, facilities and services starting on May 16th. Please see below for specific buildings 


The HVAC project is scheduled to begin on May 27th, with staggered completion dates between June 27th, July 2nd and August 1st.  The following buildings, departments, offices, and services will be impacted by the HVAC upgrades. 



Admin Building (Partial Shutdown)

Staff will relocate by May 16th. The HVAC system will be down from May 27th to July 8th.

Early Outreach - temporary locations

  • Professional Staff - HT2 room 125 and HT2 STEM Connect
  • Kid Cafe - HT2 room 157

Dual Enrollment

Facilities Main Office - temporary locations

  • HelpDesk & Vehicle Keys - ATC rooms 103, 110, 111
  • Safety Analyst - LS room 374
  • Facilities main office staff - To be determined


Testing and Student Success Building

Staff will relocate by May 22nd. The HVAC system will be down from May 27th to July 2nd.

Testing Services - temporary location

  •  Center for Learning Tutoring Services room 47

Pearson Vue Testing

University Transfer Groups - temporary locations

Center for Learning - temporary locations

  •  HT2 Computer Commons and MA room 180


Performing Arts Center

Staff will relocate by May 23rd. The HVAC system will be down from May 27th to July 2nd.

PAC Production Staff - temporary locations

Music 1 - temporary locations

  • CL rooms 03 and 04


Student Union

Staff will relocate by June 24th. The HVAC system will be down from June 27th to August 1st.

Receiving Dock - temporary locations

  •  Relocating to I3
  •  Deliveries by large truck - Parking lot S6

Sodexo/Cafeteria - temporary location

  • Gaucho Cafe (in the LS Building Lobby)

Student Life Staff - temporary locations

  • Honors (O7) room 122 and 126

Food Pantry - temporary location

  •   Honors (O7) room 127

Associated Student Government - temporary location

  • Honors (O7) room to be determined

Gaming - temporary location

  • HT2 Computer Commons 

Peer Success - temporary location

  • HT2 Computer Commons 

Social Work and Basic Needs - temporary location

  • HT2 room 157

Dean of Student Life staff - temporary locations

  • HT2 room 125

Dean of Enrollment Services staff - temporary location

  • Veterans Services Center

Mother’s Room & Quiet Meditation Room - temporary location

  • LMC room 104 (Quiet Meditation)