Meet Tari. A Proud Gaucho building a future with photography.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Proud Gaucho, Tari Fields

Photo Credit: Mark Thompson, Jr.

Right now, Tari is focused on one thing, building a future with photography. As sharp as her aim is now, Tari states that there were some twists and turns that got her to where she is today. 

After graduating from Estrella High School, she attended Estrella Mountain Community College, got her AA from the Le Cordon Bleu and served in the military. 

After serving in logistics for the Army Tari was honorably discharged and she found herself back in the West Valley. It was a quick succession of events that led her to current and dramatic success as a photographer. It started with Tari realizing she had access to tuition money through the GI Bill. “GCC is really close to my house so I came over and enrolled. I always enjoyed taking photos ever since receiving a gift of a point-and-shoot camera, so I enrolled in Photography classes. Things really took off from there.” Stated Tari, excitedly. 

Taking off indeed, ever since she decided to pursue photography Tari has met with success, accolades and a new vocation. Her list of awards is long and distinguished, including her recent first-place prize at the GCC Spring Student Art Show, and two first-place prizes at the Maricopa County Fair. Other honors include having her work featured in numerous local magazines. With all of this recognition for her talent, Tari decided to open up a photography business and do freelance work as well. One of her recent gigs was taking photos at the Super Bowl.  

“I took photography at GCC to help me hone my skills.” Said Tari. She continued, “The classes I've taken have helped me immeasurably, I can honestly say that what I learned in those classes has gotten me to where I am now.” She credits Stephanie Burchett and Brendan Regan for their great guidance and help. 

What’s next for Tari? She plans on getting her AA degree in Photography and to stay active in Phi Theta Kappa. Tari has not decided if she will transfer to a four-year school after getting her degree from GCC. “It depends on how my business is doing. Plus it will be hard to beat my experience at GCC. I am so happy here, my world really opened when I got to GCC.”