Loving life in Theatre - Meet Aaron

Monday, November 20, 2023
Proud Gaucho, Aaron

If you want to find Aaron on campus, the best place to look is in the Performing Arts Center. He was bitten by the theatre bug when he was in the ninth grade and his time at GCC has only fueled his passion. After graduating from the Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academy, Aaron decided to enroll at GCC. “It was kind of a natural choice.” He stated. “My mom attended GCC and we were on campus all the time, attending events and performances so I felt comfortable here. The performing arts program solidified my decision.”


Aaron admits that his first few years were tough because of COVID and having to take classes virtually.  It was especially difficult in a program like theatre. He credits David Seitz and Lesley Machbitz for their creativity in the way they handled classes and staged performances. “We did a radio play which allowed us to refine our acting skills and explore doing voice-over work. I was nominated for an award based on my being able to navigate two main characters in a virtual setting.”


Success on stage and accolades are nothing new for Aaron. He has won numerous nominations for acting and directing at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF). When asked what he prefers, acting vs directing, Aaron is quick to reply. “I love both, but I see myself directing, either in Hollywood or on Broadway. In the meantime, he will be behind the scenes as an assistant director in GCC’s upcoming performance of Romeo and Juliet.


When talking about his experience at GCC Aaron gets enthusiastic. “GCC is the perfect place to go to college because it allows you to explore.  You can try things and if you don’t like a direction, you can try something else, and find your passion.  Failure and success go hand in hand.”


Aaron plans on graduating in the Spring semester. After that, he wants to audition for some notable acting academies and universities at KCACTF through their InterACT program to see where that takes him. His passion is to hone his art and create something to share with the world. In closing, Aaron summed up by saying, “Life is meant to be lived and I aim to live it to the fullest.”