GCC has classes to fit your schedule

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
GCC students sitting outside the Business building.

At GCC, we know that every student’s journey to college success is unique. We know that not everyone learns at the same pace, in the same environment. That’s why we offer a variety of class options to help you find what works for you. Here’s a look at some of the options available to you.

Traditional face-to-face classes

Structured to meet regularly in a face-to-face environment for a full semester, these classes are immersive, allow for a measured pace and allow you to enjoy time on campus.

Hybrid classes

The amount of time spent face-to-face in hybrid classes is less than in traditional classes. Hybrid classes provide the opportunity to learn face-to-face and enjoy time on campus, as well as the flexibility of working online, usually through the Canvas platform. If you’re short on time but know you work well with some face-to-face interaction, these classes might be for you.

Live Online classes

These classes meet virtually at scheduled class times, allowing you to enjoy live class experiences like lectures and small group work. If you enjoy real-time lectures and structured participation with your instructor but prefer the flexibility of learning remotely, these classes might be for you.

Online classes

These classes are conducted entirely online, usually for an entire semester. The flexibility allows you to set your study hours and balance them around your unique time constraints. Students return assignments and participate in written discussion forums online. Online classes are great for those students who work, are parents or are self-motivated learners.

Flex Start classes

Flex Start classes are shorter classes that start later or finish earlier in the semester. They meet in-person, hybrid, live online or online formats, usually for 8 weeks. Flex Start classes are faster paced and require a more structured study regimen due to the shortened timeframe. You can complete more classes in a shorter period, which can lead to completing your degree faster.

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